Painting and Powdercoating

Our spray finishing department is fully outfitted to skillfully handle your spray painting, powder coating and EMI/RFI shielding projects, no matter the intricacy. From detailed masking through to Class 1 finishing for parts oversized to micro. We specialize in Mil-Spec coatings and boast one of the largest capacity powder coating ovens in the region. Our trucks offer complimentary pickups and deliveries of your most sensitive parts.
The proper coating system is one which is decorative, protective and functional all at once. We interact with our customers until we find a coating system which meets those requirements. In fact, we encourage customers to see our facilities firsthand and witness the most modern technology in action. That way, you will be able to see and touch a finished panel and inspect various samples before making any final decisions for your product.
The unique quality of your product is conveyed by its finishing touch. Which is why Applied Graphics takes extra special care from preparation, through the spray process, and ending with a final inspection. Your product will receive two or three coats of finish, not just one. We spend additional time cleaning, masking, filling, sanding and even applying additional coats of the finish if necessary. Our quality Class A finishes include Urethane, Epoxy, Powder Coating, Lacquer, EMI Shielding.
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