Laser Marking - Medical Device Marking

We now proudly offer custom laser marking. Indelibly print and anneal your logo, text, warnings, part numbers, barcodes, UDI, serial numbering, etc. onto metals and plastics. Unlike ink-based printing, there is no prep or drying time required, allowing for quick identification added onto your parts. Ideal for the medical device industry, markings are never subject to fading or chipping, which allow your parts to stand up to harsh chemicals and autoclaving while always maintaining their vital clarity.
Silkscreening and Pad Printing

A logo is the focal point, and our screen printing department understands this. Our skilled technicians will artfully apply your logo, or any printed information onto your components with even the most complex of surfaces. Custom color-matching and digital processing are available.
The art and science of industrial screen printing is a process that requires cleanliness, precision and care. To ensure this, our precision printing process involves only the finest mesh silk, the finest inks, emulsions, as well as curing and drying agents. Our technically advanced color matching equipment allows us to accurately duplicate your corporate colors. We can then print those colors in virtually any graphic configuration on virtually any material.
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